One In Three Adults See Bullying As Part Of Growing Up

One in three adults believe that bullying is just an aspect of life that children have to go through, a new survey by BeatBullying reveals.

According to, a further 16 per cent of adults see bullying as just "character-building." Emma-Jane Cross, chief executive of BeatBullying, explains that too many Europeans don't take bullying seriously, which is leading children to turn to self harm as a method of coping.

"How many more children have to tragically lose their lives before these outdated perceptions change?" she asks. "Today more than 100,000 children, families, schools and charitable organisations are sending the European Commission a clear message that enough is enough. We urge them to listen."

The survey also reveals that 55 per cent of children who are bullied then go one to develop depression and more than one in three either become suicidal or hurt themselves, reports

It comes after an inquest found a British teenager drowned himself after being sent abuse messages from a former friend on Facebook. The 17-year-old was told by his ex-friend that he was going to beat him up and set fire to his house.

Mumsnet is one of the organisations supporting the campaign and Sarah Crown, the site's editor, says the statistics show just how important it is to take bullying seriously.

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