Men Blame Middle-aged Weight Gain On Their Successful Careers

Men are most likely to put on weight when they reach age 44 and most blame their peaking careers, as they say they don't have enough time to exercise.

According to, new research from Forza Supplements show that women are most likely to gain weight when they turn 38, with 34 per cent citing motherhood as the main culprit. This is because they tend to eat two evening meals a day - one with their children and another with their partner when they arrive home.

Marriage is another reason why women stop keeping on top of their weight, whilst men are more likely to gain a few pounds after a divorce. Data shows that the average age for divorce in men is between 40 and 44 and single men are more likely to drink and eat more.

Forza Supplements managing director, Lee Smith, says both men and women tend to put on weight after they reach 30, but by 40 many women are struggling to shed the pounds.

"Most have children by then and have probably sacrificed hobbies like the gym or dance class to care for and entertain them," he explains, reports "Most don't realise that as we age we need fewer calories, so to even maintain the same weight, we need to drop 200 calories per day. Men have a little longer - their bodies haven't been disrupted by childbirth."

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